With two albums under her belt, (2008’s One Year Happy and 2012’s ECMA nominated Your Last War), Heather Green returned to the studio last year with music producer/genius Daniel Ledwell (Jenn Grant, Don Brownrigg, The Forunate Ones) to record her third album, Clementine.

Clementine is an album about relationships: both romantic and platonic. Inspired by those relationships and influenced by bands First Aid Kit, Boy, and Ingrid Michaelson, Clementine is Heather’s most eclectic album. First single “Wild Ones” reminds the listener of Heather’s previous tracks, painted with a broader, more sophisticated musical pallet. “Last Leg” intertwines intelligent melody and baselines to create a perfect driving song, and soulful “Time” brings one back to an era of classic doo-wop ballads. While the songs are varied, the album stitches together a gravitational theme of relationships, and of course, Heather’s expert songwriting, which is what she is known and admired for among her fans. Along with the fans’ accolades, Your Last War was honoured with two top ECMA nominations (Pop Recording of the Year, Rising Star Recording of the Year) and SIX Nova Scotia Music & Industry Award nominations. With this new collection, the Industry is sure to recognize Heather’s work once again.

Like all Heather Green albums, Clementine features some of the best musicians that the East Coast has to offer. Heather’s friends Stewart Legere, Kim Harris, and Margot Durling add signature harmonies, while the rock band Young River (Zach MacLean, Brodie Peterson and Matt Thauvette) crafted the guitars, bass and drums. Clementine is undoubtedly Heather Green’s most mature and daring album. One that, Heather adds, is “my favourite group of songs yet.”

Since moving to Nova Scotia from California in 2009, Heather has carefully woven her way into the fabric of both the music community and the local LGBTQ+ community. When not playing music or working for community services, Heather spends her time volunteering as the Vice Chair and Entertainment Director for Halifax Pride and training her cat to sit on his hind legs.

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